The Complexities Of A Personal Injury Case

Even though truck accidents are often caused due to the negligence of the truck driver, when a truck crashes with another vehicle, the occupants of that smaller vehicle, most likely will endure injuries, if not fatalities. It’s estimated, about 90 people die every day in this country, due to road accidents; many of them related to trucks.

As pointed out by a trucking accident attorney marysville wa residents that are in accidents involving any kind of commercial truck or trailer, typically find the injuries to be disastrous, often fatal. Unfortunately, the legal drama that’s about to unfold before them can be complex and frustrating.

Facing A Complex Legal Fight

Injured victims and their families face many difficulties after an accident. Dealing with insurance companies who have teams of adjusters, claims handlers, investigators, and lawyers working for them brings about confusion and irritation. The insurance companies have unlimited data and case analysis to help them decide how much to pay for an injury claim, if they choose to pay anything at all. Unlike the insurance company and adjusters, most of us have no clue how the process works after an injury or the death of a loved one that was caused by negligence.

Personal injury cases are not always easy to purse; that is, it isn’t easy to get fair and full compensation for an injured person. This is because insurance companies can, and often do, make the process difficult. After all, these companies prefer to keep their money, so they won’t make it easy for the injured party to get a check cut.

The Steps After An Accident

When injured because of someone else’s negligence, in addition to contacting your insurance company, you should consult with an attorney. In many cases, a quick lawsuit may help to avoid the expiration of statute of limitations, to obtain certain types of evidence quickly, or to depose a witness who may disappear. However, an experienced attorney will evaluate the case and know the next steps to take.

In most cases, the most important step to take is notifying the insurance company of the accident and start the claims process, especially if you have un-insured or under-insured motorist coverage. This is because your contract of insurance may require you to provide prompt notice of a wreck, and the failure of providing that notice may result in your insurance company denying your claim. Yes, insurance companies shockingly place this clause in your policy, and it is enormously important, and potentially financially disastrous if you don’t comply.

Additionally, one of the most important steps to take is seeking medical attention. Some people actually avoid going to emergency rooms because of the cost, and for fear they may not be able to pay for it later. Depriving yourself of medical attention is a mistake. The insurance company can conclude that you must not be hurt if you did not seek medical attention.

Even though you legitimately have a reason for not seeking medical treatment, and you probably choose to “tough it out” and endure the pain, the insurance company uses this to factor in how much the injury is worth. And this mistake could also affect any claim for future medical treatment as well. Recovering from a truck accident and following through with a injury claim involves several distinct phases, and you may not even be fully compensated. It’s always in your best interest to allow experienced professionals handle these issues.