Five Of The Most Common Myths About Legal Representatives Debunked

In the UK, people are proud of many of our traditional professionals. People preen themselves when their daughter becomes a doctor or gloat when their son gets accepted into veterinary school.

One of the most poorly understood and therefore mysterious of all of the professionals you may need at one time or another is the legal representative.

Many people, when questioned, would not be able to point out their nearest solicitors in Portsmouth, despite the average person needing legal advice on at least one occasion in their life.

Why is it this way? Why are so many people unaware of their nearest legal representative and why is there an air of mystery surrounding this profession?

Many people feel that when you hire a legal representative, they are only after one thing; your money. This, of course, is not true, so why do so many people believe it?

What are the truths behind this myth and others surrounding our country’s legal professionals?

Read on to find out, as the top five myths about solicitors in Portsmouth are debunked.

It’s all about money

The concern people have is that legal representatives are just out to make the most money, by adding on fees, costs and other expenses, so the customer is left with a huge bill.

This is not the case; all law firms are required to break down their costs to their customers in full and to be clear about their charges.

They are scary

All legal representatives are intimidating and unapproachable.

This old image still hangs around today, but legal professionals and their firms are often friendly and happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.

They speak another language

Legal jargon can be complicated and surprisingly, many legal professionals don’t like using it!

Therefore, when you are looking for a law firm, you may be surprised at how many of the staff are happy to speak in clear, simple English during your meetings; they dislike the jargon too!

They can represent two opposing sides at the same time

You will never find out that your representative is also representing the company or person you require their help for; it is a conflict of interest and there are strict laws and regulations in place that stop such occurrences from happening.

While it is true that many law firms can represent a company or an individual, they are legally required to inform you if you are seeking to take that company or individual to court. If they fail to do this, they can get into serious trouble and will usually lose their licence to practice law.

They are unemotive robots

Despite the image of the legal representative with the stiff upper lip who is insensitive to your plight, modern law firms pride themselves on being understanding.

They will always seek to put your needs and emotions first, as their client, but they are human too; they empathise with what you are going through and will aim to help you resolve it.