A Simple Description of the Jury Selection Process

Juries are an important part of the court system. First, a jury reinforces the constitutional rights given to citizens by the government. Secondly, they play a critical role with the verdict of a defendant within a court trial. Juries will decide if a person is guilty or innocent in regards to the evidence and testimony presented during a case. All jurors are chosen for this privilege. The material presented here will explain how this process takes place.

The Juror Selection Process

The US Courts website states that potential jurors are selected from random drivers license and voter registration databases. Each court district has their own process for selecting jurors. Tax records can also be used to gather names as well. Keep in mind that Congress requires each court district to adopt a plan for obtaining jurors. The Clerk of Courts within each court district will take randomly drawn names to make a selection. Also, each court district is required to have a written plan that outline their process for selecting potential jurors.

The Daily Routine For Jury Duty

After a person has been mailed a summons to appear for jury duty; they will have to show up to the courthouse at their scheduled time. They will sign in and wait in a room where other potential jurors have gathered. During the waiting process, the courts will provide jurors with information about what they are doing and what to expect if they serve on a jury. At this point jurors will be able to watch movies or TV. Some court districts will even provide a free lunch involving pizza or cheeseburgers and fries. However, this perk is not mandatory. Findlaw also states that courts also encourage people on jury duty to bring something that can keep them occupied. Things such as books, smartphones and magazines are just some examples about the material people can use to help time pass.

How Does A Person Get Selected To Become A Juror While They Wait?

Eventually, most people who sign up for jury duty will be selected to become a juror. A judge will tell potential jurors about the case they might be working on. They will go into the nature of the case to let people know if it is a criminal or civil trial. Potential jurors will also meet the meet people involved in the case and their attorneys. In some courts you might be asked to fill out a question form that will provide more specific information about who you are and your lifestyle. Any jury selection los angeles ca also takes jurors through this type of process.

About The Process Of Voir Dire

Voir Dire is the process that attorneys use to question jurors about biases toward the individuals involved in the case and the nature of the charges. Attorneys will then dismiss and retain jurors that they believe would best be suited for this particular case. Any person that is dismissed will simply go back to the court room to await further instruction. People who are selected to become jurors will then be sworn in. You might have to be relocated to the back of the courtroom into a juror’s room. The court will then begin to prosecute the case.

The time will eventually come when jurors have to deliberate the case. A jury will then have to decide if a person is innocent or guilty. Sometimes if jurors are evenly divided about the case this will be considered a hung jury. A case will then have to be retried. Don’t forget that criminal cases typically involve 12 jurors and civil usually has 6. After a verdict has been read, jurors can then return back to the juror’s room. From their they will be dismissed and their service complete. This a simple explanation of the jury process and how it works in America.